Class of 2019 highlights



The class of 2019 has shared wisdom from their four years of surviving high school.

Alexus Jacobs, Staff Reporter

With graduation fast approaching, our Raven seniors have reflected on their time here at Auburn Riverside and the lessons that they’ve learned.

Hailey Blum, an active member of Raven Crew and former member of ASB says that getting involved has helped her grow out of her shell.

“My freshmen year I was super reserved and afraid to join anything. Now I’m glad I can say I’m past that phase.”

Blum has gotten to take part in many activities, one of them even becoming one of her favorite high school memories.

“My favorite memory of high school is from the pancake breakfast in my junior year. My group dressed up as hippies and we made some groovy griddle cakes,” Blum said.

Another outstanding senior is Althea Ignacio. She feels like she has grown and matured a lot from when she first started out as a freshman.

“Looking back at who I was in freshman year makes me want to cry in humiliation. Sometimes when a memory pops to my head from that time, it makes me cringe so bad. I’m really proud of who I am right now.”

Many of the seniors agree that idea graduation leaves behind the feeling of excitement and many have similar plans after high school.

“I feel happy but at the same time I’m kinda sad,” Ryan Pletan said. “[I plan on] going to Green River for 2 years and transfer to a university.”

An involved and talented senior is Riley McCarthy. She plans on pursuing theatre and writing.

“Any and every memory with Thespian Troupe 5560 [is my favorite]. I’ve found such a home within the theatre community, and I couldn’t be more grateful having a place to call home,” McCarthy said in regards to her favorite high school memory. “[I’ve learned] that there is a brighter life beyond the doors of Auburn Riverside High School, to not get involved in petty drama and to keep true to what I know is best for me and the road I’m headed down.”